14623 Course 548 Augustin Tshibwabwa TWABELA Studies on the control of avian influenza and Newcastle disease 2021 2021/6/30
14559 Course 547 Lavel Chinyama MOONGA Molecular epidemiology of spotted fever group rickettsiae in Zambia and development of multiplex LAMP for simultaneous detection of the rickettsiae and malaria parasites 2020 2021/3/25
14558 Course 546 Hirotaka Hayashi Studies on the prevention of influenza by vitamin D metabolite and vaccine in mice 2020 2021/3/25
14557 Course 545 Yukiko Nakamura Estimating the Genetic Diversity and Population Structure of Tsetse Flies and African Trypanosomes in Zambia and Malawi 2020 2021/3/25
14556 Course 544 Thoko Flav KAPALAMULA Development of a molecular tool for the differentiation of Mycobacterium bovis and molecular characterization of Mycobacterium bovis isolates in Malawi 2020 2021/3/25
14555 Course 543 Risa Tsunoda Molecular characterization of Enterobacteriaceae isolates from  environment in Thailand 2020 2021/3/25
14554 Course 542 Yamato Sajiki Studies on immunosuppression caused by prostaglandin E2 during chronic infections of cattle 2020 2021/3/25
14553 Course 541 Takeshi Saito Studies on cell tropism of hemorrhagic fever viruses and mechanisms of entry into cells 2020 2021/3/25
14552 Course 540 Christida Estu WASTIKA Surveillance of arbovirus infection in Zambia and characterization of the untranslated regions of insect-specific flaviviruses 2020 2021/3/25
14551 Course 539 Kosuke Okuya Studies on potential role of nonneutralizing IgA antibodies in cross-protective immunity against influenza A viruses 2020 2021/3/25
14550 Course 538 Mao Isono Study on chemical compounds for the development of anti-ebolavirus drugs 2020 2021/3/25