• Graduate School of Infectious Diseases

The health of humans, animals and the environment together form a single “health circle.” Protecting this circle is key to ensuring a sustainable community.

This PhD program will develop next-generation leaders who possess the advanced knowledge and broad vision required to make decisions for the control of infectious diseases worldwide.


   Hokkaido University's WISE program for One Health Frontier Graduate School of Excellence started April,2019. This program promoted by Hokkaido University’s Graduate School of Veterinary Medicine and Graduate School of Infectious Diseases, produces experts who can design and implement solutions involving One Health.


As was seen in the Ebola hemorrhagic fever outbreak cases, the threat of the emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases to the human society and economy has been increasing. Accordingly, the demand of the training for the specialists who deal with the infectious disease research works and its control is raising. To fulfil the social demand, Graduate School of Infectious Diseases pursues the mission to develop the human resources who has the wide knowledge of infectious diseases, flexible imagination and comprehensive decision making ability to contribute the development of the infectious disease research and education field as well as infectious disease control around the world with practical ability and leadership.